Algarvian Nightlife: Party all night in Algarve!

by Lauren Davidson
'Portimao marina at night - The Algarve, Portugal' - Algarve
'Portimao marina at night - The Algarve, Portugal' - Attribution: Glen Bowman

One aspect that makes the Algarve unique to the rest of Portugal is certainly its nightlife, which is adapted and altered to the preferences of English, Irish and Dutch tourists. Known for its extensive variety of fabulous cocktails containing all the colours of the rainbow and every possible ingredient under the sun (some even include tabasco sauce!), bars open until 4am and clubs open until 7am, the Algarve's nightlife is undoubtedly something everybody has to experience at least once.

It's no surprise that the vast majority of tourists visiting the Algarve every year, do so purely for a good night out. Stag groups and hen do's make tens of thousands of visits here each year just to sample a night out on the town Algarvian-style, with weather or time of season usually not being a concern for them (as they say... sleep all day, party all night!)

Another thing that makes the Algarve unique to other tourist destinations is that there really is something for everyone. It is often said that the best place for this is Albufeira and its 'main strip', which is a lively mile-long street in the heart of the city with bars, clubs and restaurants from top to bottom, catering for young, old and everything in-between. The bottom of the strip starts off with Matt's Bar, La Bamba, Reno's, Mambo, Savannah and Heaven Nightclub - make one of these your first stop if you're looking for a crazy night out consisting of the best new music, free shots, special deals on the most exotic cocktails, and also if you don't mind a bit of a crowd. If you'd prefer a relaxed drink with a bit of karaoke and a family atmosphere, head down to the middle of the strip to the Blue Star Cocktail Bar and then up to the top to Ancora Bar, where you'll find the best kids' cocktails plus weekly Elvis and Michael Jackson tribute acts, among others.

It's safe to say that wherever in the region you choose to go, you'll find a huge selection of pubs, clubs and bars to suit your interests. Known for its generous double measures and lively bar staff, the Algarve will always leave you craving more!